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avenue, the right lane is blocked right before the beltway. the actual police activity is inside the beltway off georgia avenue. fire equipment blocks that right lane. it may affect your drive heading for the beltway. keep that in mind. we'll show what you it looks like on the beltway itself here in georgia -- here at georgia as you travel on the inner and outer loops north of town. let's go back over to our maps. this time we'll head over for 270 -- to 270 southbound. you can see you have all that green, which is a good thing. we'll take a live look here in clarksburg at route 121. all lanes are open into rockville and the split. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:11. back to you guys. >>> we are coming up on 6:02. we are breaking news out of silver spring, maryland this morning. a police involved shooting on woodland drive. police were responding to the home of a plan who was making threats. >> kristen fisher will join us with an update from the scene so keep it here on 9news now. >>> later today a neurologist will re-examine rg iii after he suffered a mild concussion in yeste
a live look outside. first of all, on our mdot camera inner loop of the beltway you can just see the flashing lights here, i think they were trying to see if they can get a closeup shot of it. all you can do is see the flashing lights which is just telling you that they're there on the scene and no one is getting by on the inner loop before route 355. let's see if we can take a look at the delay from our chart camera and this is the spur as i said, even as you come down on 270 trying to get to the inner loop of the beltway, this is what you're dealing with. no one is moving. and you're at home right now watching that means you need to choose your alternate routes. not a good idea. if you head east on the beltway from bethesda into silver spring. the outer loop is not affected by this. the cameras by georgia avenue and as you can see the lanes are open. in issues to report on -- no issues to report on the outer loop. all the lanes are open. a look at the map. inner loop of the beltway before route 355, no one's getting by. two tractor-trailers involved in these accidents. i'll be
to northeast. most of it is west of the beltway. one moderate showers moving in mclean church and along 66 and the western edge of the beltway in fairfax county. heavy showers crossing the potomac into western montgomery county. temperatures right now around 60 degrees. to the upper 70's this afternoon. it should be a warm day and it be worn for the rest of the week. .ow to angela for the commute >> good morning. showers.with some following an accident on 295,ound route 100 at reports of an overturned vehicle. traveling around the capital beltway in maryland, not finding many trouble spots all. north of open here, 201. southbound in maryland, there is an active work zone with two closed in howard 216.y at in virginia on the beltway, a in right lanes shutdown springfield. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, celebration time for the nationals. have clinched the nl east division title despite losing to phillies. >> it's because the second place braves lost to pittsburgh last night. britt mchenry is at nationals park. >> in the bottom of the ninth, loss for last on screen. the fans and p
spots on the road. also it helps the lawn and garden. south of the beltway and noaa of the beltway we have some areas of rain. 66 from a markehaymarket to the beltway as well. it's 46 degrees in leesburg. highs near 60 degrees today. it will be tough to have much sunshine today. we will see a few sunny breaks. the nationals back in town tomorrow, 70, partly cloudy. now to angela. >> off to an excellent start even with light rain falling. just one accident reported on 66 inbound near glebe road. we don't have a shot of it, but it's on the shoulder. it should not slow you down much because there's light volume. 395 is moving well. 95 still has an active work zone northbound approaching thornburg, two lanes closed with overnight roadwork. back to you. >> thank you. our top story sentencing for the man at the center of the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. former assistant football coach jerry sandusky and some of his victims planning to address the judge in court today. >> this is one day after he spoke to a radio station and insisted. insisted. t.j. winnick has more. >> jerry sandu
has turned into a big mess. the outer loop of the beltway is already looking like a parking lot. good morning. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >>> thousands of people heading back to work for the first time since sandy. the president touring some of the hardest hit areas including the jersey shore. that storm blamed for at least 50 deaths. one in anne arundel county, two in virginia as well. sandy shaping up to be one of the costliest natural disasters in american history. it's estimated to cost between $20 billion and $50 billion in damage. >>> plus students heading back to school. power outages keeping some closed. in fairfax county, langley high school, sleepy hollow all closed. jefferson elementary in d.c. will not have school today. barcroft elementary in arlington is closed. in howard county, bowman bridge elementary is closed because of power outages there. 17 schools in anne arundel county are also closed. as for other closings and delays in virginia, manassas park city schools are closed, and two-hour delays in culpeper, fr
night. a lot of standing water. accident on the beltway. i want to show you a live view of what we were dealing with moments ago. on connecticut avenue. north of the beltway, just north of beach drive near flight -- franklin street. strain -- standing water has a street completely shut down. you can see cars were coming through not expecting the standing water there. be prepared as you head out this morning. you may encounter a situation like this one on connecticut avenue near franklin street. southbound just now reopening. dealing with incidents on the beltway now. overnight crash on the inner loop near 355 wisconsin ave. still blocking two right lanes. a second tractor-trailer right behind the first one -- this incident just occurred. expect possible lane closures. maybe even a complete shutdown. we will keep you posted in our next report. back to the news desk. >> the search for answers continue this morning into what led to a crash they kill the bill d.c. county police officer. he was off-duty when his vehicle collided with a vehicle. how colleagues and strangers paid tribute to th
from the split to the fort mchenry. this is the beltway at 97. a nice start on harford road. the outer loop of the capital beltway, there is an accident with multiple vehicles involved. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the cleanup from sandy is a big story. >> restoring power to tens of thousands of marylanders still in the dark this morning. most of the outages are in baltimore county. 22,000 outages in anne arundel county. nnected rews have reconvey over 200,000 homes. >> jennifer franciotti is live in towson. you are not far from a road closure. >> some residents are doing individual cleanups with branches that are down. one roadway is blocked. we cannot get down to the area it is too low li are no road closure signs in the area. don't go down there near the bright the water is receding from sandy. president did have to wade through their property to assess damage. some people are used to flooding in their neighborhoods. they are grateful this storm was not as bad as isabel. >> compared to isabel, this was a piece of cake. it's a piece of cake. in isabel, m
here. bw parkway and route 50. if you're planning to head there inside the beltway, both had accidents. inside the beltway. they're both gone but left slow traffic as you can see behind me inside the beltway on bw parkway and route 50. keep that in mind no your travel plans. the beltway is not affected. let's take a live look outside. if you're planning to head here on 270, normal slow stuff now forming as you leave frederick. another look at our maps. this time we'll head over to southbound side of 270 as i said. very slow and heavy through that area. we'll take a live look outside one more time and this time we're taking a look again at 270. route 109 is where you'll find your slow spot. more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >>> romney says he has a five- point plan. he doesn't have a five-point plan. he has a one-point plan. >> why am i lowering taxes? because itself last four years they've been buried. mr. president, have you looked at your pension. >> i don't look at my pension. it's not as big as yours so doesn't take as long. >> i care about a hundred percent of
loop of the beltway. we are looking at a tractor-trailer accident with a fuel spill has all lanes closed. you'll notice the folks in this picture are not moving very quickly. that means you will not want to go that way. take the 270 spur northbound, make a right on democracy, and make a right back on 270. that will get ayou you around this accident. the inner loop of the beltway closed between old georgetown and wisconsin avenues. here's the view at 28. you're moving just fine. 62 miles an hour and 11 minutes on into the beltway. aaron, back to you. >> thank you, joe. news 4's melissa mollet at the live desk with breaking news. >>> at least 15 people have been killed in afghanistan and 18 hurt after the mini bus they were riding in was hit by a roadside bomb. this happened in the country's northern province. the men, women, and children were all traveling to aed wedding. officials say they do expect the number of casualties to increase. this area has seen more taliban activity in recent years, but no one at this point has claimed responsibility. at the live desk, melissa mollet, n
up. have in tysons on the beltway. 66, no problems. 395, there's some road work. travel lanes are open in arlington. here we are near glebe road. the maryland beltway, they have busy overnight, over the branch, between new ,ampshire avenue and university been picked up you are good to go. no delays affecting many places maryland, virginia, or the district. , a gorgeous start. back to you. >> thank you. it is a sad ending to the search missing a 12-year-old girl in new jersey. a body was found late last night in a recycling container. has been identified as augustau -- as autumn. an autopsy will be conducted this morning. >> after a night of aggressive performances during the third debate,l presidential 38% of registered voters said the president obama won showdown. >> it is basically a dead heat. .randi hitt has a recap president obama reminded voters that he is commander in chief. he went after his challenger mitt romney. >> wrong and reckless leadership that's all over the map. attacking me is not an agenda. romney spent the night arguing that america has lost its will influ
minute ride, on the outer loop from 795, down towards 95, no problems on the beltway from parkville up to towson, if you are traveling on the harris burg, no problems towards the beltway. to the jfx, a normal 11 minute ride, southbound from the beltway, downtown to east fayette street. that's a look at the time saver traffic, over to you. >>> any mother wants their child to feel safe. that's exactly what angela dawson wanted and kept calling the police on neighborhood drug dealers. they set her house on fire, killing the entire family. ten years later, the same site is now a place of hope. that's where we find sherrie johnson, she joins us live at the dawson family safe haven center. if you know anything about the section of east baltimore, that community has been trying hard to turn things around. >> they have. they are doing a goods job of it, too. we are here in east baltimore to honor the lives of the dawson family. an event kicks off tonight at 6:00. it's been ten years since they lost their lives. it was known as one of the worst tragedies. october 16th, 2002, the home of cornell
the beltway. d.oks goo overnightwrapped up onstruction in tysons schedule. on 95 between step afrika! and the beltway in each direction. reported on 395. quiet is to and across the 14th street bridge. in fairfax there's a serious crash. an investigation is underway. backlick road inside the beltway annandale, south of the little river turnpike. backlick road is closed at john marr drive. looks good on 95 between .tafford and the beltway back to you. >> thank you. just 12 days until the election. a well-known virginia is dealing with a scandal involving his own son. >> his son resigned from his campaign after he was howht on camera describing to commit voter fraud. john gonzalez is outside jim moran's office. sdr's a couple blocks away from that offe that at this restaurant with a damaging place and wasook videotaped. patrick moran released a statement this morning saying he crazy and hean was he not taken seriously, but becauseed to step down not want to become a straction. is on damage control after this undercover video surfaced showing his son and field director discussing voter f
ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. . >>> breaking news on the beltway this morning. we'll have the latest on an accident causing the big back up. >> president obama returns to virginia as a new nationwide poll shows mitt romney in the lead. >> another big issue on the ballot november 6th, same-sex marriage. what the latest numbers reveal about support from maryland voters. >> and just weeks after losing a fellow officer, prince george's county police are dealing with another tragedy. a father on the force loses his life in an accident. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. . >>> it is friday and we're taking a live look outside right now at the inner loop at 355 wisconsin avenue which is closed because of an accident involving a tctor-trailer. we'll get the latest on that from julie wright coming up in just moments. good morning to you. i'm with isdom marten. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with tucker barnes quickly before we get to traffic to see what the latest is on our forecast. >> rain showers overnight and even a thunderstorm or
impact your commute this morning. a pedestrian was hit on richmond highway just south of the beltway. this happened in the northbound lanes of richmond highway. it was just before 2:00 this morning. of course, watch out through that area if your commute take you there. now, to get the latest on this accident and the commute around the rest of the area, let's check in with julie wright. >> right now, so far, so good. no problems reported on the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. all lanes are open if you are continuing between i-59 and the exit for colesville road all the way over to 270. an easy drive south on 95 and 295 coming in ought of laurel. no problems reported in the express line or main line headed out to the 14th street bridge. overnight construction in the process of being cleared as you travel the beltway on 66 and on the beltway near route 7 in tyson's. northbound i-59, no trouble spots to report leaving quantico headed out for the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. >>> a big story we are following t
of baseball going on. battle of the beltway, not so much. what about the battle of the weather? >>> we need good weather for a win, and we're going to have some winning weather around here today. couldn't ask for anything better. fim finally, we're going to break this funk we've been in with the clouds and the dismal weather, the drizzle. it's drismal. what? that's a word. kind of patchy fog out there this morning with the low visibility in baltimore over 95. everywhere else up over two miles. check out the satellite and radar. no precipitation over the area. we're starting to see the clouds break up more and more back to the west a round front royal and areas around luray. 8:00 a.m. today still mostly cloudy and damp with that fog lifting your temperature 48 to 60 degrees. noontime today, sunshine looking good and feeling nice. 51 to 65 degrees. we'll be going up to a high today of 69 to 73. it's going to get a little breezy, though, as the game ends with the cold front coming through. let's get a look at first 4 traffic. >> many ggood morning, veronica. >>> i'm tracking news early. all la
strip 295.he way up to lanes are open northbound and southbound between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. our big story, another huge themplishment for washington nationals. next step in the process as its firsts clinched nl east division title. >> this is despite their loss to the phillies. john gonzalez is live from at the sporting goods store which is opening early to out the championship merchandise the. >> that's right. how good were the nationals? there were able close last night still. win still. this is the official merchandise sale in a fewn hours. the stores are opening early as holiday. eight years after the team arrived in d.c. from montreal, a celebration of a likes the city has not seen in 80 years. washington nationals fans have waited a lifetime for this. >> i was not expecting a winning season. it's been a pleasant surprise. the team lost the game, but fans and players found out that second place atlanta had lost to pittsburgh, allowing washington to clinch the national league east division. get better than that. lost, but we still clinc
here's monika? >> reporter: traffic moving well close to the beltway. a paving operation northbound and southbound of route 123 with alternating lane closures until 5:30. more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. >>> right now here's a look at other things making news now. hugo chavez has been reelected president in venezuela. chavez had 54% of the vote with 90% of the ballots counted. this will be chavez's third reelection in 14 years. the win means chavez will serve six years more in office. >>> there is more information out about the u.s. border patrol agent killed by friendly fire. agent nicholas ivy opened fire on two fellow agents, believing they were armed smugglers. ivy was shot and killed when those agents returned fire. the acting county sheriff in cochise county confirmed the scenario. >>> an unmanned commercial supply rocket is on its way to the international space station. the california company space x launched the rocket with 1000 pounds of cargo, including ice cream. it will reach the space station wednesday. >>> still ahead, another person from the
southwest freeway. inside the new york stretch, that's fine. that's nice. no traffic. the beltway wrapping up road work just in time. no problems in tysons or near silver spring and bethesda on the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. we continue following breaking news out of leesburg, virginia. police investigating a suspicious death of a woman in her 20s. officers found her after being alerted by relatives of the victim after they cannot make contact with her for days. she was inside an apartment in northeast in the 800 block of edwards' perini road. it is an isolated incident and quiznos spread to the public. -- with no threat to the public. >> president obama has a live interview with mtv today. >> mitt romney will be campaigning in iowa. the focus turns to a patrol boats in ohio. >>-- the focus turns to ohio for electoral votes. >> whoever wins the price data will most certainly win the white house -- whoever wins the buckeye state will almost certainly win the white house. the president was campaigning there last night. >> if mitt romney had been president when the automobile industr
by. and your travel speed very slow. 15 miles per hour to get from the beltway to 295. that drive will take you at least 22 minutes this morning. let's head over to military road. a paving operation blocking all of your lanes at 42nd street. instead, you should take nevada as an alternate route. i'm back in ten. eun, over to you. >> thanks, danella. >>> 6:02 now. president obama and mitt romney won't be taking any breaks after last night's second debate. they'll be back on the campaign trail today. mitt romney will visit virginia. his first stop is chesapeake. then he'll travel north to leesburg, where he'll hold a rally at 7:00 tonight. the president will campaign in ohio and iowa before returning home tonight. >>> and the campaign stops come after a debate that featured plenty of fireworks. both candidates took an aggressive tone in that town hall style discussion last night, and they clashed on several issues, including the president's energy policy. >> in the last four years, you cut permits and licenses on federal land and federal waters in half. >> it's not true, governor ro
overnight was in alexandria at the bottom of the screen and huntington avenue, south of the beltway. the road is open, but there's still some activity heading down from old town alexandria. you will see the activity, but it looks like you can get by in both directions. the beltway near university boulevard in silver spring, looks pretty good. some overnight roadwork, but if you stay to the right, no delays whatsoever. no problems on 95 northbound or southbound. there is overnight work in the clearing stages on both sides especially on the virginia side. no significant delays or other problems around the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. pedestrians struck by a vehicle in fairfax county. >> this happened before 2:00 this morning at richmond highway and huntington avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital. we don't know the condition. the driver remained on the scene. the crash is under investigation. d.c. police investigating a shooting before 12:30 this morning in the 1700 block of benning road in northeast. the victim was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. we do
stafford and the beltway. in the district, reports of a tractor-trailer coming from new york avenue going into the tunnel towards 395 that is stuck so commuters cannot get on to the freeway to get store as the outbound bridge. they are working on it. on the beltway, they are trying to clear construction from oversight. you know about the hot lanes project. back to you. >> thank you. with 11 days to go until the election, president obama getting a break from a grueling road schedule, in the district today at 5:00 p.m., taking part in a 30-minute interview on mtv. he will answer questions submitted by viewers on mtv's facebook page. joe biden campaigning in wisconsin today. the first lady is campaigning in san diego and las vegas. >> she made an appearance on jimmy kimmel live on thursday and she spoofed a political ad urging people to vote. >> [horns blowing] >> ofandup, up, up. time to vote. out the door. and eat some carrots. have you voted? >> don't worry, i already voted. >> thank-you dmguillermo. fle>> when it comes to the republican ticket, mitt romney and paul ryan attending a ral
be an easy ride for the most part. around the beltway in virginia overnightnd, no construction to slow you down around the beltway, for the most part. they just lifted one northbound, g.w. parkway. are reopened northbound. traveling on the dulles toll eastbound, there were some closures and those have been lifted. be good to make your the beltway in the capitalards beltway and in maryland. nothing to slow you down on 270 95 and it's looking pretty good on the b-w parkway with no delays. hopefully, a nice ride for the holiday. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. 5:03. looking around prince george's county, police investigating an g.ficer involved shootin domesticonded to in bladensburg sunday night. encountered a man with a knife. when an officer ordered him to drop it, he refused, and the officer with a weapon. that's when the officer shot him twice in the abdomen. the suspect was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> metro is expected to install controversial pro-israel ads. this is an advertising at the center of a recent court ruling. john gonzalez has more.
. >> there was snow in the stud. did you see that? there's still some on your shoulder, howard. >>> on the beltway outer loop of the beltway, not good news for you. i was just on the phone with police and they're telling me it's three vehicles involved in this accident on the outer loop of the beltway at new hampshire avenue. i'm going to step out and show you what it looks like live from our sky 9. again only the left side of the roadway is getting by. look at backup already at 6:00:01 in the -- at 6:01 in the morning. this accident was a tractor- trailer and to cars and it's going to be just a while. let's go to our other camera. there we go. it's going to be a while before they can clean that up. flares were set up as well. expect delays not only on the outer loop coming around from college park but southbound on 95 as well. here in virginia 95 is incident free. you have the initial delays as you head into woodbridge and then again in springfield as you can see from route 644 trying to get up to the beltway or beyond on to 395. that actually still looks pretty good leaving landmark to the 14th
for the people stuck out on the beltway. >> that can't be a lot of fun. i guess the rain probably not helping things but generally the rain is winding down. most of your morning commute, the roadways are still wet from the rain overnight. at least it is not actively raining. let's get to the radar and make sure what i said is true. i'm pretty sure it is. a few leftover showers off to the east out towards annapolis pushing out towards the bay. we are winding things down across the immediate washington area. we are not expecting a whole lot of additional showers. there could be a sprinkle or a few light showers here over the next few hours. but then the trend will to be start to quiet things down and eventually clear things out. i think the clouds will hang tough for most of the morning hours and by afternoon, we'll be part hi sunny. temperatures are nice and might -- partly sunny. dulles, 60 degrees. high temperatures later this afternoon, back in the mid-70s for much of the area so that will be nice. upper 60s if you are north and west and once again, we should see some afternoon sunshine. ge
to the capital beltway. at penn state, former assistant the ball coach jerry will be sentenced in a few hours. >> he is expected to speak at hearing along some of his victims. carter is in a satellite what sandusky is saying from behind bars. >> he has spent the past three months behind bars. he will find out today whether of his spend the rest life in prison. is expected to speak during hearing. we are hearing from him already bars.ehind jerry sandusky is headed back to outt this morning to find will spend thehe rest of his life behind bars. night before his sentencing, matt sandusky issued statement maintaining innocence. >> they can take away my life out as a monster, monster, but they away my heart. my heart i know i did not do alleged disgusting acts. >> he was convicted in june of counts of child sex abuse against 10 boys. he says he now regrets not his -- andstand in his attorney says he will fight for new trial. >> his morale is up and he's working on his appeal. he's very confident he will get shot at this. >> today we expect to hear from sandusky, attorneys, possible support from hi
're about to leave the house, road work. very light volume in our area. let's first start with the beltway. if you're traveling the beltway, inner loop and outer loop, same story. the exit ramp from the inner loop and outer loop to little river turnpike, that's where you find the work zone. you can't take the exit ramps right now. hopefully, that should be over around 5:00 a.m. let's talk about the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway at university boulevard. construction blocks the left lane. i drove past. it's not bad at all. the volume is very light. stick to the right lanes and get by the road work there. heading up to i-270, road work again at 80, affecting your northbound and southbound lanes. right now one lane will get you by in both directions on i-270. again, very light volume on i-270. not hard to get around that work zone. and giving you a live look as you make your way past germantown road. southbound and northbound, travel lanes are open, and you're clear as you connect to the beltway. i'm back in ten. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. >>> in just about 30 minute
the beltway this morning. however, we did just have an accident clear. that was the 95 southbound exit ramp to 123 in woodbridge. once again, the accident has cleared. you will find freely flowing traffic 95 southbound and northbound. as you can see, 95 northbound flowing well into the beltway. your commute in prince george's and loudoun looking clear this morning. >> let's head over to melissa who has breaking news from the news 4 live desk. >>> at least 13 soldiers and 13 al qaeda militants have been killed in an attack on an army base in southern yemen. two militants drove an explosives filled car onto base killing themselves and ten others. later they attacked the base by sea, and more were killed. the u.s. has stepped up drone strikes, and militants have increased attacks on army targets. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. >>> now to the race to the white house, president obama heads to battleground virginia today after a stop in new hampshire yesterday. the president will speak to a crowd at george mason university in fairfax county. this is the second trip to that campus in as
freely on the outer and inner loop of the beltway with no problems to report. you will find 66, overnight construct was tying up a lane in each direction. no problems reported between fair oaks and the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. >>> new this morning, we begin with breaking news from baltimore. five people are dead, two others injured after a fire in northeast baltimore. we are told that crews arrived to the scene just after 2:00 a.m. four children and an adult were killed actually second aconsult escaped by jumping through a window. that person along with a firefighter were taken to the hospital. investigators are working to find out the cause. >>> a man whose lawyers say he was mentally ill has been put to death in texas. jonathan green died by lethal injection late last night. he was convicted for the rape and murder of a 12-year-old girl back in 2000. green proclaimed he was innocent during his last statement. lawyers had argued that green hadal louis nations which made him ineligible for the death penalty. >>> at least two construction worker
centreville toward the beltway but inside the beltway, there was an accident at glebe road. two-car accident with state police on the scene. everything has been moved to the shoulder. let's take a live look on the northbound side of 395. here's what it looks like at the 14th street bridge. no problems as you leave landmark heading across the potomac river here. let's go back over to the maps this time to the other side. bw parkway route 50 through cheverly. everything is final if you're coming in from annapolis as well. no problemon the beltway in prince george's county. a live look if you're planning to head near route 214 central avenue. again roads are wet but volumes are light. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:08. >>> former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky faces sentencing today for child sex abuse. >> his lawyer says sandusky plans to tell the court he is innocent. kristin fisher is live in the satellite center. she's previewing the hearing today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. jerry sandusky did not testify at his june trial but he is expected to speak today at h
other drive times the beltway in great shape from parkville all the way up to towson. there are no delays on the west side either. you are looking at that typical 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. and that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >> news time 5:32. >>> the meningitis outbreak is getting worse. more people have died or gotten sick. this from the form of meningitis very rare and it's linked to steroid shots given for back pain. abc2 news linda so is here with the latest developments and linda, why are health officials so worried this could get worse. >> reporter: well all of the facilities that unknownly game the con-- gave the contam name theed -- contaminated shot are ordered to check their stock. in marled we know of seven facilities that gave gave the shots including baltimore, towson, bel air and engwood. the cdc reports at least 5 people have died and 35 people have gotten sick in 6 states with fungal meningitis n maryland, one person died -- in maryland, one person died and another got sick. the outbreak
to get in the way from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. and as far as the tunnels are concerned, no problems to report through that fort mchenry tunnel or the harbor tunnel. and if we check in and take a live look outside here at the beltway at liberty road. no problems getting down to 95 and here's what the beltway looks like in parkville at harford road. everything up to speed not too many cars out there just yet. no problems getting up to towson. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. >>> the trial begins today for two people who got in trouble for giving teens alcohol. those teenagers later were killed in a wrong way crash. >> this this wered back in january and -- happened back in january. abc2 news' sherrie johnson is here with more on the story. >> reporter: civil trial of debbie and joshua franco is scheduled to begin this afternoon in district court in glen burnie. they were given citations for providing alcohol to three teenagers who died in a car crash last january. it happened on interstate 97 and route 50. several
. a live look north of the beltway, will remain nice and clear as you head to fayette street. if you are using 95, this morning, look downtown, at 395, everything moving along, no delays now in the white marsh area, looking at a 15 minute ride now from route 43, all the way downtown. 695, in great shape. no delays now, traveling on the outer loop from 95, all the way up to 83. that stretch will take you the typical 11 minutes, 11 minutes over on the west side of the beltway, traveling the outer loop from 795, down to 95. that's a look at you abc 2 time saver traffic. she claimed her 11 year old wanted a tatoo and gave her one. why the mom was taken in to custody and the reason she believes she was turned in. >>> thousands of people are expected to participate in komen maryland's race for the cure. we hope you join us. there is still time to get involved. we hope you join us. register by calling this number, it's 410433 race. or log on to komen, we hope you join us for the race. >>> well, you have seen him, buried in ice and submerged in the water. david blaine, what is h
bridge and clear from parkville up to towson. using the west side of the beltway this is what it looks like at liberty road. looking at a normal 11 minute ride right now on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95 as we pull that shot up for you. you can take a look and see for yourself and if we can pull up drive times you will notice the fort mchenry tunnel nice and clear. no delays whatsoever 8 minutes northbound from the beltway all the way to the toll plaza. that's look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >> reporter: a -- >>> a close-knit campus but students at noter dam begin on edge. >> police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a student on campus. and abc2 news linda so is live in baltimore -- in north baltimore. we understand the university is now making changes. >> reporter: security is tight and the university wants to let students know they have an escort van they can use when going to and from campus buildings. the suspect is out there. police say a student was walking ahead from the campus library early monday morning she wagoing back to the dorm
pavement and poor visibility. outer loop of the beltway good news for you as you head in on 66 as you head in in eastbound. the volume building as you head east from manassas. lanes open as you make your way to the beltway. the ride north on 95 and 395 only volume to report from fredricksburg and the 14th street bridge. outer loop of the beltway between silver spring, the work zone between new hampshire avenue, university boulevard out of your way with a new traffic pattern where the lanes no longer divide. they're all four together and shift over toward the right. your next timesaver traffic at 5:10. mike and andrea, back to you. >>> we were afraid to go to the mall, pump gas or leave our homes. today marks the ten-year anniversary of the shooting spree that led to we now call the d.c. sniper case. >> after scattered shootings here and elsewhere, four people were shot in just for hours on october 3 -- two hours on october 3 all in montgomery county. kristin fisher is live in silver spring with more. >> reporter: this is the scene of the third shooting of the morning ten years ago today. a
toward manassas, centreville and the beltway. washout for most of the overnight work way. beltway through falls church, lanes are open as you wake your way into balances -- make your way into balancesston. so far so good the trip along the maryland beltway. incident free. getting to the work zone on the outer loop past new hampshire avenue, all lanes should be reopened from the overnight crew. they were working there. beltway north of the american legion bridge in good shape and good visibility. that's a good start for you. next check of timesaver traffic is at 5:10. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. >>> it's been more than 30 years since the national franchise claimed the division title. >> guess what? that changed last night, baby. >> good looking shirt. >> the pirates just beat the braves 2-1. you can celebrate now. >> indeed they did. despite losing their game last night against the phillies, nats fans and players did celebrate the team. the team brought playoff baseball to the capital for the first time since 1933. kristin fisher is live at nats park, one of our favorite places. >>
at the beltway. still seeing the accident. it is blocking your left shoulder lane here. right lanes are open and still very light volume inbound 50 and outbound as well. over to some downed wires in annandale. annandale road is closed at little river turnpike. just be aware of that. eun, over to you. >> danella, thanks so much. 5:04. >>> metro's doors are opening for regular service for the first time in two days. trains and buses running on a normal weekday schedule. you can still encounter some delays on bus routes due to the trees and power lines on flooding. >> amtrak also running again but has limited service. no acela service along the northeast corridor, and no service at all in new york city because of flooded tunnels. amtrak says no firm date on when service will be running again in new york. >> back here in northern virginia, marc and vre service back to normal. maryland transit authorities are warning riders there could be some delays on marc lines because of potential power problems and speed restrictions from flooding. >>> still no sign of two new york city boys swept away in sa
problems to report on the outer loop of the beltway approaching new hampshire avenue right there at the rigs road overpass is where i have the accident scene. couple of cars involved. one person being extracked from the one of the vehicles. traffic squeezing by single file to the left on the outer loop of the beltway. southbound 95, backed up as we'll from before 212 out of beltville head out towards the capital beltway. that is what we have working as far as accidents. we are still concerned with the storm damage and the problem that is causing out on the roads as well. jason smith has been sending us live video here from the scene along 410. that is the east-west highway and a portion of beach drive that remains shut down. rock creek parkway and beach drive in d.c. open. let me take that t. back inside. 395 across the 14th street bridge, we have reports of an incident tying up the ride shoulder. -- let mow take it bakken s ide -- back inside. -- let me take it back inside. 50, the early accident we had here has cleared. 175 remains blocked off between maryland 3 and gamb
at the beltway and the american legion bridge. nothing to slow you down on the 270.ay or back to you. >> thank you. we begin with a suicide bombing that killed more than a dozen people in afghanistan. that includes prenatal service members. more.olabanji has from theetting this associated press. was dressedbomber according tofficer witnesses in afghanistan. he drove a motorcycle strapped with suicide bomb equipment into killing 14.eople, 60 more are in a hospital. there are reports that there are three nato service members who killed, including their afghan translator. nato has not said the nationality of the three nato killed. according to reuters, this is an area of afghanistan that is usually patrolled by u.s. , kohst province. could be u.s. troops injured or dead. we are searching international feeds. we hope to have more later this morning. reporting.nji >> d.c. police investigating a shooting which wounded a man and woman. it happened just after 10:00 at the new york avenue and north capitol street in northwest. in the leg andt shot in the arm. we don't know what led to the shooting. pol
the children for long hours. >>> this week marks ten years since the beltway sniper attacks. ten people were killed. three others were injured in those three terrifying weeks. fami family members of some of the victims gathered for a prayer vigil. the children of wallaker spoke at the vigil. he was killed on the second day of the attacks. >> my father is looking down from the heavens. that time in life, people would just come up to us and send us condolences and help, the church, co-workers, friends, family, strangers. and that's how strong our community is. >> the victims' rights foundation cohosted the vigil. they've helped raise more than $500,000 for the families of those attacks. >>> good news for metro riders. you won't have to deal with too much track work this holong holiday weekend. on the red line, trains will single track between judiciary square and ft. totten. and on the orange, trains will share a track between stadium-armory and cheverly. >>> and metro says by the end of the month they will reopen the station's south entrance, which has been closed for nearly eight months as c
-95. a live shot of the beltway traveling in montgomery county right now. a trouble spot in burtonsville. west of 29, columbia pike with a utility problem. blocking the road. we will keep you posted. virginia, moving well on i-66. from springfield traveling up to tysons, moving without delay. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you. the big today -- a day local baseball fans have waited decades to see. at 1:00, the national take part in the first ever home playoff game. >> they are hoping to take the lead in the national league division series against the cardinals. dear dodd live from the part this morning. >> happ-- >> we are joined live from the park this morning biggert this is the first playoff game in dc in 79 years. i am = = with-- with all this excitement we have to talk merchandise. you look like a ballplayer. this is what we see on the field with the players. >> this is one of the great items. people see this on tv and say i have to have that. this has been a great item for us. >> the team has been a big seller for many years. how excited has it been? tell us how busy you had b
this morning. traveling around the beltway in maryland and virginia, in maryland, a live look at montgomery county at connecticut avenue, no work zones. the left lane is blocked in each direction crossing the northwest branch. in virginia, not much in terms of trouble spots. there's an active work zone on southbound 95 between falmouth and frederick. stay to the left. back to you. >> thank you. pipa good morning, angela. -- good morning. >> the pressure on president obama to have a better performance against mitt romney tonight. >> it's a town hall format in new york tonight with questions from the audience. >> tonight's debate will be a town hall, which means audience members will ask questions of preselected by the moderator. the format present inherent challenges for romney and obama. >> both have to spread lightly, because if they are going on the offense too a chris liu of a with each other, -- -- if they are going too much on the offense, that can spell over and to the audience. mitt romney's debate prep partner is optimistic about his candidate's chances. clerk how did it go? >> gre
whatsoever. northbound lanes also going to be clear, all the way up towards the beltway, checking in and look at 695, here, at baltimore, no delays you are looking at a normal ride, on the outer loop from 795, down towards 95. the beltway will remain clear parksville to towson, using the jfx, no delays southbound from 695, all the way downtown to east fayette street. that will take you 11 minutes as well. that's a look at the time saver traffic. >>> we want to take you to the breaking news, federal hill. crews are battling a two alarm fire near east gettings street. the family got out all right. several of them are being treated for smoke inhalation. one firefighter was hurt when he fell off of a ladder. crews are having a hard time getting this one out. the home is under renovation and cardboard and debris everywhere in the area. we will learn if a tornado touched down in harford county. a storm caused damage in the jaretsville area. any other places hit? >> reporter: the baltimore area was largely spared. it looks like one target was hit in harford county. a cows on kochs road in jarrettsv
problems in maryland, montgomery county. -- the beltway problems and other problems in maryland montgomery county. blocking all lanes. this is a live look at old georgetown road. completely stopped. we're recommending you bail out at the 270 spur. otherwise he will be sitting there for quite some time. we have not gotten word from state police as to how long this closure will occur. that is the inner loop just before 355 wisconsin ave. also flooding in montgomery county from the rain last night. a couple closures. connecticut avenue still shut down in the southbound lanes as you approach franklin street in the kensington area. back to you is. >> -- back to news. >> the prince george's county police department has lost a second officer and a crash. >> kevin bowden was off duty when his vehicle collided with an sec. there are a lot of questions as to what went up to the crash. we're live at the police headquarters with more. >> good morning. two officers that in less than two months. the collision construction unit was at the scene for several hours trying to figure out who was at fault and
to get around this accident is take the 270 northbound exit off the inner loop of the beltway. you're going to make a right on democracy boulevard. that's democracy boulevard east and then make a left on old georgetown. old georgetown will take you back to 270, sign for 495 south. that will get awe rouyou around accident. as megan showed you, you don't want to get stuck in this delay. 95 north minor delays at back lick road. at the occoquan, you're fine. at backlick road, it will back down. 18 minutes to get to the bridge. brunswick east 870 train, 35 minutes. metro cross-honoring. metro and vre running just fine. >>> some loud thunder rolled in overnight wreaking havoc with our roadways. >> we've got clouds and drizzle in some places we're dealing with this morning. >> some dogs are still under the beds afraid to come out. that thunder was so loud. we had lightning bolts coming down. that was around midnight last night. this is what it looked like right around midnight. we had clusters in the reds and yellows. those are the heavy downpours we had. as a result, we've got high stand
, the beltway at university boulevard, look at how slow it is. on the inner loop at university boulevard, very heavy. in springfield looking good northbound and southbound 95. accidents in prince william county in haymarket on route 15 on the ramp to 66. prince william county police looking for that right now. back to you. >> thank you. police in fairfax county investigating a crash involving a pedestrian. >> the person was struck by a car at richmond highway and huntington avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital. we are told the driver in this case remained on the scene. >> d.c. police searching for personal shot a man just before 12:30 this morning in the 1700 block of benning road northeast. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we don't know what led to the shooting. >> following the latest developments in a terror attack in new york that was foiled. the target was the total reserve building in new york city. >> the bangladesh eight suspect also considered attacking a baltimore building before deciding on the federal reserve building. brianne carter has
with angela. >> good morning. looking at overnight construction. on the beltway in virginia. in springfield, moving quite well despite the work zone on the inner loop which may slow you down briefly. at braddock, stay to the left. and at leesburg pike, two left lanes closed. in montgomery county on the beltway, 190, looking good. all through montgomery county looking good. clearing an overnight work zone at university boulevard. >> a suicide car bomber blew up his vehicle near the gate of a u.s.-afghan combat outpost in eastern afghanistan. and afgh troops were injured mostly by falling debris. the taliban claimed responsibility. nato says the outpost was secured shortly after the blast. political experts and the public weighing in on last night's second debate between obama and romney. >> 46% of debate watchers said the president was the winner. there's a seven point margin of error. the debate had its share of humor and heated moments. >> 45 seconds into his first answer, the president went after his opponent. >> governor romney said we should lead detroit go bankrupt. >> the president to
. around the beltway, virginia, tysons, quiet. quiet in bethesda. earlier crash on the inner loop near 450, than has been cleared. 50 the john hanson highway, accident but they got that to the shoulder. inbound 50, traffic approaching , normal. 53 cheverly, heading into town, normal. avenuejersey at madison there are water main closures. >> the latest headlines from the of sandy. president obama headed to new visit some ofo the areas which have been devastated by the storm. >> he will be during those areas jersey governor chris christie, however, the president city.ot visit new york mayor bloomberg is ok with that. blumberg said he spoke with the president and his team of staff tuesday and the city would but first thehem city officials have a lot of things to do. is blamed for 50 nearly 70the u.s. and more and caribbean. the storm left 8 million customers without power nationwide. working around the clock thery to restore power to customersousands of in the d.c. region. they are making progress. numbersok at the latest -- most of those outages are in anne arundel county. power outages coul
lane. let's head over to the beltway, outer loop at 66, trying to get on the ramp to 66 westbound. that ramp has construction on it, and it's blocked. if you are traveling the outer loop of the beltway, you're going to see, as you pass 66, at least one of your lanes blocked. good news on the beltway, the inner loop, as you make your way past university boulevard, that's nice and clear. had construction on the inner loop, and it's gone. i'm back in ten. richard, over to you. >>> now to decision 2012. both candidates will crisscross the country just two weeks before election day. president obama will speak to supporters in delray beach, florida, and then fly to ohio and campaign with vice president biden. mitt romney will campaign with paul ryan today in colorado. both are looking for a boost from their third and final debate. they argued over foreign policy issues. iran's nuclear program dominated part of the debate. mitt romney accused president obama of allowing iran to get closer to gaining a nuclear weapon. the president claimed his republican rival actually empowered iran. >>
samtani on this friday morning, timesaver traffic. i saw a camera back there the beltway ugly. >>> yeah so ugly and i can't believe it's only 5:00 in the morning. but, hence it's washington. and u know, but normally on friday mornings we don't deal with this. today is a different story. let's take a look live on the inner loop of the beltway before route 355. take a look at this. this delay now begins right through bethesda heading eastbound toward route 355. and it doesn't even look like anything is moving right now. and that's because there are two tractor-trailers, two separate accidents got involved there before route 355. wreckers on the scene, t it's going to take a little while to clean this up. i believe one of the accidents involves a fuel spill now as well. so keep that in mind for your travel plans and know that it's going to take you much longer than normal to get through the area. and i'll be back with more details on this accident at 5:10. back to you guys. >>> thank you monika. president obama and mitt romney will both campaign in virginia today. the president will be at geo
construction is gone, northbound it looks like all the open. lanes are maryland, around the beltway, when 93 university the road work is gone and it looks good near new avenue.e >> fire investigators try to find out what sparked a three- fire at a storage facility after 11:00. >> of video on youtube shows the that burned for at thisr an hour facility on sudley road. four units sustained damage. s reported. in montana, two local men vanished while hiking. they are both veterinarians from virginia. one ofssey spoke with the man's mother is about. the about the missing hiker's suv's friend'ss in his his mother says the two were supposed to fly back to dulles never made their flight. they are lost somewhere in glacier national forest in montana. >> he walks his dog, so i see him every day. herndon arebors in concerned. >> yes, because he has a small daughter. >> the national park service out 50 people this weekend the missing men, but the search has been hampered by a to a foot and a half of snow at times. mother believes the snow may the man to lose the trail. she's holding out hope.
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